Future Prospects

Keminntek Laboratories came into existence in 2015 with an objective of providing innovative technologies in pharmaceutical sector.

First Five Years (2015-2020)

  • 1st Year (2015-16) Custom synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates with gram, to multi-kilogram scale, specialty chemicals, advanced intermediates required for clinical candidates (Target turn-over: 1,00,000 USD) and synthesis of impurities

  • 2nd Year (2016-17) Manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates with tonnage scale; Technical support to Process R&D for DMF filing (Tech pack); (Target turn-over: 0.5 Million USD)

  • 3rd Year (2017-18) Development of advanced intermediates for clinical candidates; CRAMS (Target turn-over: 2.5 Million USD)

  • 4th Year (2018-19) Establishment of Oncology facility ; FTEs in Medicinal Chemistry; (Target turn-over: 7 Million USD)

  • 5th Year (2019-20) DMF filing with GMP facility (Target turn-over: 10 Million USD) (To be listed in top hundred Indian Pharmaceutical Industries)

By 2025 (2020-2025)

  • 10th year (2024-25): Business with formulation of drug substances to launch of own drug products in market (To be listed in Top 10 Indian Pharmaceutical Industries)